End of humanity and common sense

I'm looking to find another earth in our solar system to live the rest of my life on, because this earth is soon to be completely doomed. This is the beginning of the end of humanity.



No, I'm not talking about IS, but the Western allies Saudi Arabia.†

Shit country Saudi Arabia! I'm looking for more precise concepts, but find little that is more appropriate. We are talking about the regime that treats migrant workers as slaves, women as property and non-Muslims as terrorists.

Bandit state Saudi Arabia! The country's orthodox Islamism and Sharia-based legal system is so strikingly similar to the practices of the Islamic State, it is easy to see that they perform as excellent role models. How much Saudi Arabia has done to build IS, there is some disagreement about, but it is certainly obvious that the regime has seen and condone the creation of a terrorist organization. Wealthy individuals accounts for a relatively heavy funding of IS and similar extremist groups in the Middle East.

Extremist groups which also have received both heavy financing and ideological inspiration from the ideological debris of the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi ism is also a big reason why the region is destabilized, insecure, chaotic and not least, has sent millions of refugees.

How do Saudi Arabia answer to the chaos they themselves created? Open the borders? They respond to the refugees? No they receive 0. Zero. None.

Saudi Arabia on the other hand, are willing to finance mosques in Europe and there is no talk about trifles. 200 mosques, the terror regime in Riyadh wants to build for Syrian refugees in Germany alone. It is not just shamelessly, there is talk of a new assault.

We know what kind of mosques Saudi Arabia financed. It is, in short, the worst kind. Whoever educates youth in gender apartheid and homophobic hate. Whoever believes that human rights are an extension of Western imperialism and certainly something one should not treat non-Muslims. The direction that represents one of today certainly most hateful ideologies and provides inspiration and commitment to future foreign fighters in country after country.

In other words, exactly the same reactionary and twisted ideology people have fled from the outset. Not even after betting life escape, abandoned house, home, family and friends should they escape the oppressive Islamism if Saudi Arabia will get their way.

It is not difficult to propose policy measures, but what should one do when there is the willingness it stands on?

It is not difficult to ban Saudi funding of religious purposes in Europe. It is not complicated to end weapons trades or reduce investment, but Saudi Arabia is thus a shit state that our politicians likes, unlike the shit state (IS) that our politicians do not like.

Politicians from the US and Europe treats Islamist regime in Saudi Arabia in a way that gives the word servility a whole new meaning. The same people who are waging war against Islamist militants on one day, break bread with equally crazy Islamists the other.

Some countries are cheaper than others, but it often seems random whom the politicians make themselves enemies and friends with. For the rest of us, fortunately, easier. Stoning is certainly stoning in my eyes.

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