Edda Freya 

This week, a rather unusual visitor came to town. These days, when many oil rigs are being shut down by the government, and oil production are being reduced to a bare minimum, this gigantic ship is almost as obnoxious as fox-fur in the 80’s. These are the years of the great environmental change, and the years of endlessly growing unemplyment queues. In the future, with robots taking  many of our jobs, and where shipping and oil production is a very bad thing, we are doomed to cut each others hair and drink coffee at downtown cafes. 

The world wide web has this to say about the Edda Freya: 

The Edda Freya 304OCV offshore construction vessel with a length of 149.8m and beam of 27m joined the DeepOcean fleet early in 2016.

With 2 off 220HP Constructor WROV’s moon pool handling, L&R 7m Hs and accommodation for 140 people.

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