Dynamic cities

Now living in Trondheim, I often tend to think that the city doesn’t change that much but when I see images from the past, I realize that the city is changing right in front of my eyes almost without realising it.  Trondheim is indeed changing, one plot at a time. With my experience from Bangkok, which is off course a mega-city compared to the village of Trondheim, things are a whole lot more dynamic, changing and evolving. Bangkok is such a busy place, and knowing most parts of that city, it’s amazing to see even the smallest of changes each time I vist. 

I love looking at old photographs from Trondheim and to compare them with the same area today. Recently, I camea cross an old link I had saved from the local paper Adresseravisen, which contained a lot of old images of Trondheim in the past. Also at digitalmuseum.no (which I wrote about yesterday), there is a wealth of images from old Trondheim to look at…. a true time-stealer website if you ask me! 

The below image is from Trondheim city square, and shows something called “Harmonien” (the “harmony”) which for example was used as a garage for the German invation forces during WW2. Today, this plot of land contains the shopping mall we call “Trondheim Torg” and the former offices of Forenede Liv insurance company. As we know, the building right behind the statue of Olav Tryggvasson is also demolished today, replaced by a monstrosity of a building.  Other interesting and fun details in this image is the fuel truck on the left side of the image, and the VW bus - and the fuel pummp - inside Harmonien.

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