Depends on what side of the fence you sit…

Police in Norway…. they do tons of good, but sometimes they certainly do also create a stir in the population. Here is one excample from the past week. In the first article, two cars is almost squeezed off the road when a police car on a mission is making an overtake in an area where the road bends and limits visibility ahead.†

Had this been done by a normal citizen, his license would have been suspended immediately, and a prison or heavy fine might have followed.†

Let it be clear that I do fully respect the fact that police cars have the right of way during emergency, but this does not mean they have the right to push other motorists off the road and into the ditch.†

According to the article, the police states, after seeing the video-clip of this extremely hazardous overtaking, that they see nothing wrong at all in their own manoeuvre.†

A few days later, in a different paper, the same thing is once again repeated, but this time, it’s the police car being pushed almost into the ditch. Then, they ummediately state that a criminal case against the civilian driver is opened and will be enforced.†

So, with other words, in Norway, it is completely legal for police to push innocent drivers off the road, but not the other way around. That is a criminal offence.†

What do you think?

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