Cruise-plans for 2015

I have a dream this year, a big dream that I have been carrying around for quite a while already. I wish that within 2015, I should do a cruise (as a passenger) - with one of the biggest ships of Royal Caribbean this time. I would very much prefer a cruise to the Caribbean but with the exchange rate, the US$ is now way too expensive, so I might need to opt for a Mediterranean cruise instead.†

Royal Caribbean a few days ago also sent one of their newest ships out the EMS to open seas, the ANTHEM OF THE SEAS. With the remaining Sovereign-class ship about to be sold off to another operator, together with some of the “smaller” tonnage, RCI has certainly become one of the leading mega-ship operators.†

Why do I want to travel to the Caribbean? I long to feel the warm morning breeze across the decks, I want to listen to the local music with a tall tropical drink with umbrella - poolside, and I want to see both the spectacular sunrise and sunset of the Caribbean again. I truly miss those days, those months and years, when the Caribbean was my work-place.†

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