Costa Pacifica and a yawn!†

The list of cruiseships coming to Trondheim each year has unfortunately become rather predictable, but thankfully, with a handful newbies. Costa Pacifica is one of those that comes back every year, together with for example AidaSol and the rest. During the entire season, some 40+ cruiseship-arrivals can be accounted for - some of the ships actually arrive several times. The most exciting ships, such as the new Viking Sea, the sparkling Crystal Symphony and a few others, choose to not make it to our port.†

The long fjord can’t be possibly be the correct excuse for not coming to Trondheim, as they navigate many other deep fjords world wide without hesitation. In my personal opinion, and out of my own experiences with cruise ships, the actual problem with Trondheim as a cruisedestination might very well be something very different. †

Here, one of the largest visitors, the Costa Pacifica is seen at anchor off Norway’s third (or second?) largest city, Trondheim, having to use her own tenderboats to land her guests (and her crew) at a boatlanding in Ila, a bit out of town. That being said, two other ships were in town the same day.†

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