Cars in Norway are expensive

In case you didn’t know, to own a car in Norway is not for everyone: it’s very, very expensive compared to surrounding countries. Next month, the annual road tax will also have to be paid for all cars by everyone that wants to drive in Norway. The road tax depends on whether you drive a gasoline powered car or a diesel powered car, respectively 3.060 NOK and 3.565 NOK. If  you have a motorbike, your annual road tax will be 1.875 NOK. Naturally, these mandatory fees are in addition to roads that are literally infested with toll-agets almost wherever you choose to drive. 

Buying a new car is also a pricy affair. In the sample below, you pay 180.096 NOK for the car itself + 218.430 NOK in registration fees to the government, and then, in addition, you will have to pay TAX to the government on the new car equalling 45.024 NOK (per this sample). 

I wouldn’t be surprised that the people behind this outragoues fees, do have their vehicles and vehicle usage paid by the tax payers as benefits of being a politician. 

Back in 2004 when I was living in Thailand, I cashed out a brand new Toyota Hilux. Back then, with the exchange rate of the time, the price to take the new car out was a simple 136.000 NOK. In Norway, a 5-seat Toyota Hilux will perhaps be about 5 times more. If you can manage with only two seats, you can get away with a lot less, but then, you will not be allowed to take more than one passenger (commerical vehicle with green registration plates). 

For commercial cars (green plates) registrered before 2013 (I think it was), you can install the backseats which the car is delivered with originally, for free after the car is 10 years old. If the car is first time registrered after a certain date in 2013, you have to wait a whopping 30 years (!!!) before you can increase the passenger capacity to 4 passengers by putting in the back seat. Unless you pay more to the goverment off course. 

In Norway, the car is considered a milking cow for additional and silly taxes and fees. 

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