Captain Richard With

Richard With was the captain which more than 122 years ago made it possible, or should we say “dared”, sailing ships along the Norwegian coast at night during darkness. Back in 1893 at the birth of Hurtigruten, sailing along the coast of Norway at night was nothing less than thought to be extremely dangerous, and no insurers would issue insurance papers for ships doing so. But, with Captain With’s knowledge of the coast, and experience, he started what we today still know as “Hurtigruten”.†

But, Captain Richard With’s daring attempt to make a fast ship-route along the coast, would not have been possible without the additional knowledge and help of a pilot: ship-pilot Anders Holthe. For more years than I can possibly count, it has been a big dream of mine, that a possible future Hurtigruten-ship, should be named in his honour. We have Richard With already, but we must not forget the pilot standing firm by his side. I even created a Facebook page for this sole purpose a long time ago. †

Today, slightly behind schedule, Richard With also made the last few nautical miles towards Trondheim: sailing into the raising morning sun. And at that time, I managed to catch this glimpse of the ship, with a lone passenger at the forward beneath the bridge.†

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