Captain returns to Hong Kong with style

I’ve been to Hong Kong several times in what feels like my past “life”, when cruise ships were my home. Earlier in September this year, returning here again was therefore a very old dream I could not pass on anymore. From my recollection, I remember the big advertising signs, endless shopping possibilities, lots of Chinese food (naturally, in Hong Kong, it’s just called food), and the Star ferries. I had a strong wish to see if my memory was still there, and if Hong Kong had changed as much as I imagined.†

The plan had been made weeks in advance and I was excited as a child before Christmas. I was due to fly Thai Airways Royal Silk First Class both ways from and back to Bangkok, and the trip started as perfectly as it could possibly be done. The Hotel Concierge knocked on my door, excatly at the time requested, and told me that my limousine was now ready, and that he would personally escort me downstairs to a shiny, and brand new stretched Jaguar XJ-L limousine. Needless to say, as soon as I found myself in the backseat, I popped the cork of the Dom Perignon champagne I found in the cooler between the seats. I put on the headphones and tilted the seat backwards and with two police motorcycles clearing the road ahead, it didn’t take long time before we approached an area of the airport I hardly knew excisted. I was quickly escorted into a terminal on carpets so thick that I felt a fear of falling down from a cliff. Security, customs and immigration happened so fast that I started wondering if it had taken place at all. As I sat down in my own very private lounge area, an amazing dinner with perfectly accompanied drinks, was served. Not more than an hour later, a very soft spoken Lady informed me that my limousine transfer to the aircraft was ready. I gathered my things, hopped into the Mercedes, and was driven out on the tarmac where the aircraft was waiting for me. Only one door left was open, and as soon as I set my foot on the aircraft, they closed the door behind me. I hardly managed to reach my cabin and seat before the plane started moving. † ††

The flight was absolutely incredible, as would have to be expected from a First Class flight on any airline. I have only one complaint though: the 2 hours 25 minutes long flight was way too short! I wish this would have been a much longer flight. With my own cabin on board, and food and drinks of the very finest quality, I could spend a whole day there. I kept on thinking, all good things must come to an end.†

I eventually landed in the late afternoon after an increadibly beautiful descent in a torrential rain-storm towards the airport. As soon as the aircraft doors were opened, a un-describable beautiful dark blue, shiny Rolls Royce Phantom limousine was ready to whisk me directly from the aircraft through customs, immigration and straight onwards to my hotel in downtown Hong Kong. This time, I spared the bottle of champagne - with all the great food and drinks provided, I was actually not hungry or thirsty anymore.†

I know, this recollection of mine may sound very much like bragging, but in my defence, this was probably the first and only time in my life I would get the chance to experience a first class flight like this - ever. I will probably never in my life, unless I become a filthy rich man, get to enjoy something like this again. There was no chance in hell I would waste this experience, and enjoy it to the abssolutely fullest.†I’m so extatic and endlessly grateful that I have also had the chance to experience something like this once in my life.†I wonder - how will I be able to return to fly in economy class after having had an experience like this? As a dear American friend of mine said when I asked her: you will never be able to do so. I know, I’ll soon enough be back again in the back of the plane with all the others.

Pulling up to the hotel in downtown Hong Kong, I felt like I was a Hollywood star. I noticed in the corner of my eye, as I stepped out of the car, people started taking pictures of me too….or perhaps it was the car? Well inside the hotel, I was taken with no hesitation at all, to a suite on one of the upper floors of this pencil like building. The whole check-in process had been done in advance, I could not be bothered to waste any time on that.†

The hotel was pretty cool. A very tall building that reminded me of a pencil standing on it’s end. Land prices in Hong Kong I’m told are sky-high, so with as little space as possible, you must build your properties upwards instead of sideways.†

In conclusion for this time, have you ever had the priviledge to experience a first class flight? Let me know below!†

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