Captain comes to Sothebys

After a general clean up of the basement storage this afternoon, I came across an “vintage" item which I believe is a truly valuable work of art, perhaps even Sotheby’s auction house might be interested in it for one of their upcoming events. Imagine if this piece of handcrafted item could drive in millions of …. any currency.†

It has survived the test of time, storage in an old schoolbag, and countless number of cleaning-attempts. The item is probably somewhere around 4 decades old, and was handmade in it’s entirety by me during my child labour years in early grade-school. Not only that, but there is only one of these left in the world as well.†

I would be extremely curious to hear of others that come across treasures like this during cleaning of storage spaces. Do you all just throw it away or do you try selling it off on second-hand websites or e-bay? Have a Happy Easter all!†

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