Busy, but fine… and yes, alive

After nearly 3 months away from my keyboards, where should I begin, where should I start picking up the pieces....perhaps a good start would be to confirm that I'm actually still alive. Needless to say, I have been quite busy with a bunch of really cool stuff, both in Norway and in Thailand, which may be reflected in my few online presences lately. The good or bad news, depending on how you see it, is that it's not likely to change any time soon. Provided there is still an interest amongst the general reader, I will anyway try my hardest at keeping my bLOG alive.

When it comes to Facebook, I have played with the thought of deleting my profiles for good several times in the past, but that takes quite some large cahunas to be able to do. Perhaps much bigger than my cahunas. Instead, I have for the past two months tried logging off, and stay logged off. It was extremely hard to do in the beginning, but after spending time far out on the Thai country side with limited Internet access, I no longer felt the strong urge to browse my entire newsfeed several times each day. Facebook is extremely addictive, almost like a drug. Withdrawal symptoms are common and very strong. The best thing about leaving is that I suddenly got a wealth of additional time to do other things, and the worst about it is that I don't know much about what is going on with a lot of friends, countless acquaintances, and a ton of linked articles tickling my personal fancy. In the end, I will probably not delete my accounts completely, but deactivating and staying logged off for longer times works fine for me right now. I try to log on once a day, or every second day, to see if anyone has a birthday, send a birthday greeting and read messages on it's messenger add-on. 

As many of you may already know, I'm a kind of person that is very much affected about the people around me. If they are happy, I'm happy too. If they are sad, I will most likely be sad too. The worst people I know are short-tempered, and people that doesn't know how to smile. In the past year, I have made some really great new friends and they have affected me in ways I could not have predicted. I admire their different views, their past and their history, and they have given me a totally different insight into life and time. I’m presently roaming around in a somewhat confusing fog, but at the same time, in an extremely happy state of mind right now. 

There will always be those that will criticise your choices and paths in life, for whatever reason they may have, especially when you are/have been online as much as me in the past. I have neverthless chosen to follow the path and roads that feel right for me, at this moment. Whether it's the right path or not, whether it’s the right thing to do, will always be up for discussion. I still want to say thank you very much to all of you that have shown me, and continues to show me, great affection, support and guidance. 

I promised nearly 2 years ago, that great thing would happen in my life, and again about 11 months ago. Don’t we all have dreams and resolutions to follow? Some of these may be harder than expected to do, but by setting yourself clear goals and with a bucketload motivation, we can all truly create miracles in our own lives. And that being said, nobody else than yourself are better at creating your own miracles. Make each day count, starting not tomorrow, but right now. 

In conclusion, 2016 has been an amazing year so far, and there is still a month and a half to go before it's over. I promised myself to live my life to the fullest, and I certainly feel that I have done so. I’m so genuinely happy with this year and all that I have managed to do. If 2016 is an early indication on how next year will be, then 2017 might even become an even more awesome year. 

Stick around if you want the continuation. Your comments and questions below are naturally highly appreciated and welcomed. I will try to answer as best as I can if there are any concerns! If you have more personal things on your heart, send me a message. 

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