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I have had quite a few trips to Nidelven these past days, and in between rain, and snow showers, I have been able to fly my C-Gull a little. I really love the way I’m now able to see the city - the interaction between old and modern architecture, and how the architects have solved a lot of logistics in the town.†

The first image I’d like to show is one that I have planned to do for a long time. The most important about my idea was that I needed the river to be compltely like a mirror. I wanted to have that beautiful refelction as the main thing of the image. This day - by coincidence - the conditions were perfect. Thank heavens I had brought along the big DSLR camera. I say “thank heavens” because I seem to bring it out less and less each day. iPHONE has sadly become the easiest and fastest way to take all those daily images.†

The next three images are meant as a teaser for what I’ll be sharing at CaptainsVoyage Forum in the “This is Trondheim”-thread - a thread close to 90 pages long. Sadly (for me), almost all of my old images in that and other threads will disappear within the next 7 days because I refuse to pay the Photobucket-ransom.†

The background-story is that Photobucket earlier this year changed the way their service works. If you wish to upload your images and share them to for example a forum like CaptainsVoyage Forum, you now have to accept and pay a hefty subscription yearly. The plans they offer are considerably more expensive than before. Since many users have uploaded an immense amount of images in the past, and shared them to forums and other places, they (me included) quite simply feel like Photobucket is holding your images at ransom. Users with several thousands of images will never be able to reupload their material and repost it on all the posts they have shared in the past.†

At this moment in time, I have to admit, that the DJI MAVIC PRO drone is a super tool. It’s a drone small enough to always be brought along, and fast enough for a quick start-up. Compared to the chunkier and much larger DJI Phantom-drones, this has become the most used drone of them all.†

Have you ever been to Trondheim, and if so, what do you think is the best part of the city? Do you want to see more images in larger format?

Have you ever been to Trondheim, and if so, what do you think is the best part of the city?

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