April - my Asian horoscope

According to the Norwegian horoscope, I born in the sign of the Lion but in the Asian one, I’m born in the sign of the Cancer. According to my horoscope for April, there are some interesting details I’m still waiting to be fulfilled (insert wondering laughter here).†

Anyone dare to interpret some of the details from my horoscope this month? What is a “quick fling”? A work-promotion? Someone will give something to me?†

The giving part is definately not the Norwegian Lottery - I have been given a 50kr price each of the past two weeks. That could really be it - if you really try to think. †

Whatever you want this month, someone will give it to you. A work promotion will require you to pursue self-improvement. Entrepreneurs will be successful thanks to the help of elders. Singles can expect a string of quick flings. Couples should find time to travel tigether to avoid conflict with third party.†

2017 04 07 Korsfjord-THAI-IMG 9518

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