Abandoned aircrafts Philippines and Thailand

I have to admit that I do have a strange fascination for abandoned aircrafts, and aircrafts no longer in use (second life): I can’t pinpoint WHY I have this fascination, but there is something really appealing to me with old aircrafts, especially Boeing 747 jumbo-jets. Recently, two aircrafts appeared in media, one in the Philippines and one in Bangkok.†

The Philippines aircraft, I have learned from google that is part of a new public park in Paranaque city of Manila. It’s a DC-9 which in last part of service life flew under the flag of Cebu Pacific.†

The second one, a retired Boeing 747 from Orient Thai Airlines, can be found just off Ramkhamheng Road in Bangkok, opposite soi 62. If you google it, you can find a lot more information about its fate and history. †

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