A personal update

Dear friend(s)… as I thought my absence from the Internet wouldn’t be too much noticed, I got some indications from very  close friends today that my blog entries were missing since a couple of days ago (just 4 days!), and even more surprising to me, my time online at CaptainsVoyage Forum. 

Please let me stress that everything is wonderfully OK, but that I have been rather busy with a couple of projects the past month. Not only have I worked my shifts at the fjord, but also some additional two week were filled up there. I have also been required to prepare to take some nightshifts on another vessel next week, as Lady K is in dry dock, and I have therefore been busy “checking out” on the a new ship. This in the first place, has taken a major part of my time.

In addition to this, I have been doing a couple of jobs outside of my main work in terms of photography- assignements. These projects have given me a lot of happiness, and a welcome financial boost, even though the deadlines have been rather strict. 

And, as if that was not enough, a lot of time has been spent editing a lot of private photos as well, and preparing the slightly infamous 50+ “My Pride My Thai”-stories from this summer's vacation trips to Thailand. You really thought I had forgotten about them? They are indeed coming exclusively here, soon. 

I may have spoken in wide terms about a new business venture of mine which I’m hoping to introduce you all to when the time is right, but right now, there are a lot of obstacles to master first. I have been offered a start-up loan by my bank, so the biggest obstacle is perhaps completed. But, I learn something new that I didn’t think of before, every single day. And that slows the progress down each time. It’s almost like running into a brick wall each time, apart from the bumps in my forehaed.

To top of my day of activities, I’m continuing to follow doctors advice and train hard at the gym, and to eat well. 

So, dear friends, as you see, no reason to worry. Everything is still going well at this end, and I do hope and pray that it’s going well at your end too. Anyway, thank you all for worrying and for not forgetting me. 

In the months ahead, some 50+ stories from “My Pride My Thai”-summer holidays, will be coming here to my blog. 

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