A new standard in traffic-jams.

I bet most of my readers with a (valid) driver’s license have at some point in their lives, experienced to be stuck in traffic for hours. Having lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand, myself for many years, I have also had my fair share of hours in a car commuting. From my Bangkok office at Asoke road to my apartment in Pratunam, a distance of just 3.5-4 kilometers, I could be spending anything from 20 minutes to 4 hours in traffic jams - twice a day! I was however fortunate tough, with a DVD player and a 220V power outlet in the car, there was many things I could do while waiting for the light to turn green again so that I could lurch forward another 4 or 5 meters, if I was that lucky.†

Anyhow, this van from Mercedes might be setting a new standard in comfort while waiting for the traffic to ease - that is, if you have your own driver that could take care of the more boring task of “waiting”, while you enjoy the comforts of the back-cabin.†

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