60th anniversary today

Today, on October 7th it is 60 years since the keel of the SS FRANCE was laid - starting the contruction of the finest ship any ocean would ever see. I guess this would be the perfect time to pop that bottle of champagne I have had standing in my closet waiting for the right moment?†

The information below can be found on the ship’s timeline. I would like to take this opportunity to help me fill in some blanks in this timeline, perhaps let me know of any errors or if you can help me sort out a few of the issues marked in red? That would make me really happy!†

From her timeline here at CaptainsVoyage.com:†

October 7th 1957

First keel plate laid in the same slip as "Normandie" at Chantiers de'l Atlanique, Penhoet, Saint Nazaire, France.†Jean Coune was in charge of the building of the hull. For the shipyard, it was crucially important to secure shipbuilding activity in the Normandia region of France, and to keep the technological edge they had afterbuilding the Normandie 30 years before.†

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