2014 and (Christmas) time!

Christmas. We are soon at the end of 2014: "the year of health” (as I said exactly 12 months ago), and we are soon at the start of a brand new year filled with new chances, new hopes, and a new start. Finally, after some pretty hectic months, weeks and days, Christmas of 2014 is upon us. I can’t believe this autumn: it went by in a flash. I just finished that fantastic summer holiday (the one where I hiked all those long mountain trips, and that increadible hike to Skagastøl in Geiranger). 

Anyway, 2014 has been a relatively good year. Its been a good year in so many ways. Despite a rough beginning, and against some pretty tough odds, Ive made it all the way through this year. Even something as simple as that, is an impressive task in its own way. 

As we start this festive season celebrating love, hope and togetherness, I would like to express my most sincere "
thank you" to all those wonderful people around the world that have always and unconditionally supported me, that have continued to encourage and challenge me, believed in me, and all those that never gave up on me. Thank you. 

As I sum up the year, Im filled with delight to learn that a dear friend of mine is finally contructing his own home back in Thailand. Im so thankful to my own crew at work: fantastic colleagues that made even the darkest days fun. Im thankful for those that have listened to me talking and talking and talking endlessly during the year, the people which gave me things to do, the people which supported me in every possible way. Im even thankful to the real estate agent which helped me fulfilling one of my biggest dreams since returning to live in Norway: to find a home I would be quite content and happy with. Im thankful to all my best Thai friends that never forgot about me and that gave me all those hours of laughing. I’m genuinely thankful to all those photography-assignements and jobs I have been asked and able to do. But most of all, Im thankful to those pushing me to achieve more in the gym and those that pushed me forward at bettering my health. December a year ago, I measured in at some 78 kilos and 24.2% body fat. Now, a year ago, the scale stops at 66 kilos and 18.1% body fat. My dream, that I have a defined six pack growing inside me, is most definately real. That is, for me, rather impressive. 

Respectfully and understandably, I’m not mentioning any names out of fear I forget someone truly special as I sit here writing, summarizing the year. But at the same time, I do know that you know, who have been a dear friend of mine and given me the strength through the entire year when I needed it the most. Please accept my most sincere and humble gesture of appreciation. 

Unfortunately also, there are quite enough people always willing to tell me, and criticise what I’m doing wrong, and what I should not be doing. Sadly, they do not know all the full details behind my different actions. The matter of the fact is that I’m solely responsible for my own life, and that nobody can ever tell me how I should live my life. But to them, I have only one thing to say: “I live my own life the way I want, I don’t want to live the life you tell me to”. It’s a revalation to me: I have become extremely assertive and direct in the past year, I know exactly where I stand, what I have to offer and what I can not do. 

Christmas greeting 2012. 

Pre-Christmas has been filled with some shopping, continued hard training and most wonderfully experience of them all: family dinners with my father and step-mother. Those are the absolutely best moments of 2014. I don’t have contact with much of my own family, perhaps less than 5 of them in total, so my father means everything to me. 

Christmas-shopping was an experience to be told! Finishing off all the grocery shopping last week, I encountered a completely (lunatic?) female fighting over the last pack of salami sliced sausage! We both grabbed that last pack at the same time, and she got so very ANGRY! I have never seen anything like it. It’s a pack of salami for crying out loud! 

But let us all forget all the stress, let us all forget the selfishness and instead wander off into this season of love, compassion and togetherness. For this Christmas, and let’s even say for the entire next year, let us put the needs of others first, let us only talk positive about others, and if you have something negative to say, don’t say it. Give love, respect and always strive to be the best you can be. 

Christmas greeting 2014. 

When it comes to the great plans and the fantastic dreams for 2015, I kindly ask you all to please come back to this blog in a couple of days time, and I’ll tell you more about some of them. Some pretty amazing things will be happenening in 2015. 

I plan to give 2015 the slogan “The brand new start”. That in itself is a pretty massive slogan, belive you me! 

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