2013 TX68

In about three weeks time, on Saturday, March 5th 2016, an asteroide ten times larger than the one which exploded above Russia back in 2013, will pass relatively close to our mother earth. Forget about all environmental battles, tollgates, roadtaxes, and all other religious wars, this asteroide doesn’t seem to bother about that at all. The distance from earth is calculated at 17.000 kilometers at it’s closest, it could have been 1 kilometer as well.†

So what does this mean? The closest passing is well within the orbit of our TV- and GPS-sattelites. That is “very close” according to a known Norwegian astrophysisict, Tor Einar Aslesen. He also says that there is a relative big chance for error-margins as well… because the effect of our protector, the moon, will influence the rendevous with 2013 TX68.†

People telling you that size doesn’t matter, are wrong. Asteroide size does indeed matter. This one is about 30 meters in diameter, about ten times bigger than the meteorite which exploded over the Russian town Tsjeljabinsk back in 2013. That time, about 1500 people ended up at the hospital, though nobody lost their lives.†

If 2013 TX68 impacts mother earth, it will most likely create a crater a couple of hundred meters in diameter. The chances are however claimed to be “remote”(?).†

Astrophysicists will be clearly visible by telescopes during it’s fly-by, BUT, if it becomes visible by your vision only, it would be adviseable to seek shelter.†

I really don’t know how to interpret that…do you? I think I will wait to pay all my due bills till this one is well passed us.†

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