2 months with 6+

Think about how attached we have become to our pocket-computer mobile phones! I remember back in early 1999 when I went to a outlet in Bangkok to buy my first mobile phone, and was adviced by the sales man that a pager was a far more safe investment. Mobile phones wouldn’t be such a big deal in the years ahead because they were too expensive to use, he said. OH, was he wrong.†

Yes, I did buy a pager that day. It was difficult to use. A small screen with a maximum of 32 letters (Thai only), for short messages from a phone operator other people had to call, to leave a private message for me or a phone number I could reach them on.†

The pager lasted a few months, and then I returned to the shop to buy my first Motorola mobile phone.†

It was NOTHING like the computers we have today. Nearly two months ago, I had to invest in a new phone, and the choice fell on iPHONE 6+. Gawd, first impression was that it was so big, but my goodness, it completely replaces iPAD. (PS: Size does indeed matter! It’s true). It doesn’t fit in any of my pockets and is absolutely a two-thumb phone, but it’s really fast when used on Instagram, webpages, Facebook and it takes great pictures (photographer dependent).†

Yesterday, I fired up my old iPHONE, and immediately I thought…. now, that is way too small!†

So, as I said, size DOES MATTER. Anyone telling you otherwise is just janking your chain!†

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