10 increadible years ago

Today, on September 27th 2015, ten increadible years have passed since I visited Quebec, Canada, with Crystal Symphony. The following day, on September 28th 2005 in Montreal, I left the ship for what would become the very last time and returned home to Bangkok to start the next chapter in my life: firstly studying for a brief time at a Bangkok University and then secondly, working as an English teacher, also for a very short time. Then, yet another short time later, I found myself working for Thailand’s largest complete real estate agent as Expatriate Public Relations Manager.†

These days, there are so many parts in my body that are still dreaming about those fantastic days sailing around the world and on world cruises. My current work situation is so vastly different on so many different levels, and I have to admit that sometimes, I do feel as having stepped back to a much more laid-back and simple style.†

When I now chat with friends still working at cruise-ships, I easily find that I truly miss the more respected position on a cruiseship, and the voyages we did. Telling people that I now work on a Norwegian car- and passenger ferry doesn’t even come close to this excitement. It is also amazing to think about the 10 years after leaving Crystal Cruises, which by the way, still feels like my “family of choice”… the Crystal Family. That serves as a true testament to the extremely talented and professional shoreside management at head office, which treasured all their crew whatever position they held in the organization. Till this day, nothing surpasses this feeling of togetherness. No matter which logo I wear on my uniform, the double Crystal seahorses are those that I have been the most proud of.†

Oh, my goodness, I have experienced so much the past decade, and I also have a work-family in Bangkok at Plus Property, many of which I’m in continous communication with till this day. The years working in Bangkok was different, but truly a wonderful experience to add to my rap-sheet. I’m so honored to having had that position in that company, and yes, I would love giving it another try again in the future. †

Needless to say, I’m really proud of my work experiences and my life up till now. I have been so fortunate to having experienced doing things some people may only dream of. I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life to start in the future, and to see what oceans I find myself navigating in the next episode.†

2005 09 27 CS at Quebec CANADA 04

2005 09 27 CS at Quebec CANADA 06

2005 09 27 CS at Quebec CANADA 09

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