Youtube-time: Bangkok aerial from a drone

A very good Saturday evening to all my readers, whomever you are, wherever you are. A wonderful friend of mine forwarded me this link from youtube a few days ago, and I really needed to share it onwards for a couple of reasons. Number one, because I do miss Bangkok and some of my best friends in Thailand; secondly because this is a way that I have never seen Bangkok ever before; thirdly, because the composition and execution of the video is very well done, and fourth, and finally, because like everywhere else in the world, private filming-drones are under serious scrutiny whether they should be allowed or not in the future.†

As I always tend to say, if you are limiting yourself to watch only one film today, this should be the one!†


Needless to say, you GOT to see it in Full HD, anything less would be a waste of time!†

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