Youtube 10 years

I find it hard to fathom that youtube has now reached it’s ten year anniversary. Even though I didn’t log on the www before sometime during autumn of 1998 for the first time, and even though my first laptop didn’t even have Internet Explorer, I do feel like youtube has been there all the time. Oh, I still giggle when I think about my first years on the Internet: the old modem’s which you had to call up, the rudamentary and very few websites available, the fun chat-rooms and the limited space at downloading anything. †

Anyway, youtube has reached ten years and it’s pretty amazing. Now, youtube is as natural as reading the paper. We upload so much material to youtube each minute, hour and day, that it would be absolutely impossible seeing it all. You can find anything on youtube, from music videos to bloopers, home videos to recipies, and whatever else.†

Norwegian newspaper VG a few days ago shared an article listing the most viewed youtube-videos during each of the last ten years. As you may remember, it was Gangnam Style that broke the youtube view counter earlier.†

To celebrate youtube’s ten year anniversary, here is one memorable favorite of mine:†


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