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I guess it's really no big secret for those of you that knows me even a little bit: I have many various opinions, but Thai Airways is still my favourite airline. In the past decade, quite a few airlines have been through some really though times, Thai included. But with greater focus and determination by the leadership, they are taking smaller and bigger steps to improve their service and ranking. They still have a way to go, but they are making impressive headway.†

One thing, which I first have to say is quite understandable, but at the same time also rather sad, is that they have almost completed their phase-out of the Queen of the Skies, their fleet of Boeing 747-aircrafts. My memories of their 747-fleet in the 90’s are all great memories, but these jumbos are now being phased out to make room for new, modern aircrafts with far better fuel economy and far less environmental impact. The fuel-cost savings between a new Boeing 777-300ER and the old 747 is considerable, especially when seen through a financial year of operation.†

As far as I know, there are now only 13 jumbo jets left in their official line up, some of which may actually already be in a state of “storage” at for example Don Muang airport. Of these 13 jumbo jets, there is one 744, six 74R and six 74N versions.†

In addition to these 13 jumbos, Thai Airways also have a fleet of four 787-800 (Dreamliners), six Airbus 380-800, six Airbus 340-600, six Boeing 777-300, eight Boeing 777-300ER, eight Boeing 777-200, six Boeing 777-200ER, twelve Airbus 330-333, eight Airbus 330-330 and seven Airbus 330-33H, as well as finally, five Boeing 737-400.†

Well, in closing, now you also know that I’m an official aviation geek also.†

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