Yesterday - Spitsbergen

Got five minutes to spare: just about enough time to edit and share another image from yesterday with (all) of you. This is the other coastal steamer in port yesterday, the Spitsbergen.†

As I’m once again about to place myself on the other side of the world again to do some work and recreation, I will need to be spending some time to figure out what to do with the bLOG, my webpage and perhaps also the forum once I return. CaptainsVoyage forum will be up for renewal in July again, and as it’s quite a significant expense, I might have to find a way to fund at least the forum. Advertising could be a possible but time consuming solution, paid subscription levels might be another way to go, or perhaps even some other clever way of funding. †Voluntary donations is by experience not the way to go any longer.†

No worries - by the time I return to this side of the world, I will hopefully have thought out something.†

Wish you all a wonderful May.†

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