Will you be leaving FACEBOOK before January 1st 2015?

If you are a Facebook user, you will already have recieved the information (the “warning”) when logging in:†

"By using our services after Jan 1, you agree to our updated terms, data policy and cookies policy and to seeing improved ads based on apps and sites you use."

Have you taken time to actually find out what these new terms actually mean? And if you have read them, and also perhaps found some other information online about what they mean, will you continue using Facebook in 2015?†

Personally, I’m on the fence, and would LIKE to quit, but doubt that it’s doable within such a short time. It’s like heroin-addiction, or addiction to smoking cigarettes, you don’t just stop over night (unless you have a very strong and powerful self-control).†

According to themselves, Facebook, the changes are done to “help the users” understand how Facebook work and how you can take control over your own information through better guidance and user-friendliness. But be warned, despite the fact that FB wants you to believe you are in control, you may not be so much in control anyway. They still collect an ocean of information about you - also when you are not logged in, but are using other websites. They will still see what you search for, what sites you visit and so on, with the help of cookies installed on your computer.†FB has started a cooperation with large US based data-collection companies.†

In Europe, FB data collection is in violation of data-collection laws protecting users. Its really hard to protect yourself if using FB, if not impossible. Additionally, you need to accept it all, or have no access at all. There is no choice for you to accept parts of the data-collection about you. That is not good news for your own personal information.†

If you use FB after 1.1.2015 you will accept the new guidelines in quiet. No need to tick anything, no need to confirm anywhere: FB assumes that you fully let them access all your data by using their services.†

And what are they using your information for? To sell it to other companies: without you knowing to whom, when or for how much. This is how FB makes their money.†

By for example sharing images, you should be aware that FB both can see when and where the images are taken, despite you setting the visibility to only your friends, or public.†

And this is the beginning: FB is not the only site doing this now: Google follows FB as well as Schibsted (a Norwegian company with sites such as for example finn.no second hand market).†

So, once again, what will you do with your FB account after 1.1.2015?

Please do comment below and let me hear your opinion.†

Below, is a screendump what Facebook is saying about the change:†

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