Why the Crystal expansion excites me

A few months back already, I was together with so many others, extatic to read about Crystal Cruises expansion into river cruises, into the air and about their plans to build new ships. At this time, more than 10 years have already passed since I resigned from Crystal Cruises. When I signed off the Crystal Symphony in the autumn of 2005, I had no idea that within a couple of weeks afterwards, I would have to make what I now know as one of the hardest descisions I have ever needed to make: resigning from a perfect job and the perfect employer which I loved with the full force of my heart. Being torn between staying or moving on, it was indeed a tough descision. 

After a couple of weeks thinking, and considering new paths and prioroties in life, I eventually descided to leave. Still today, this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and from that time, I also never returned to work on a  cruiseship again. What I went on doing after Crystal, is another story of my life, for another time.

In this blog entry however, I want to share some of my personal thoughts about something else: the recently announced Crystal expansion. 

Why do I still feel proud about having been, and stillf eeling like a Crystal Family member?

Firstly, I think it is because as a member of Crystal Cruises, you truly felt valued and respected. No other compny that I have worked for, comes not even close to this feeling of being bonded like a family. No other company even comes close to the appreciation from top management down to hiring agency. No matter who you were, no matter what position you held, we were (are) all family. 

Naturally, there were issues at this company as well, but at a whole different level, they were considerate and always listened to their employees. We had great leaders on board the ship, as well as ashore, and we were always given the proper tools to do our job and to excel further.

Additionally, guest satisfaction and guest relations training were so deeply rooted in our culture from day one on board. Even today, 10 years later, and working for a completely different employer in a vastly different market, something as simple as the phone/answering etiquette sits deep in my spine. I still catch myself greeting every guest I meet on deck or in the ships lounge, and I often find myself entertaining guests as if I’m still attending a cocktail party in the Starlight or the Palm Court, while working on a Crystal ship. 

Why does the news about their upcoming expension exite me so much? 

I think its very simple actually, because Im so increadibly proud of having been, and still feeling, like a part of this exclusive Crystal family. Its almost like with the real family you haven't seen for a long time. You are still family, no matter what. 

Right in front of my home/office computer there are a lot of pictures from my time on Crystal Symphony. They are placed there to inspire me to continue not only doing my best, but to cotinously try achieveing a much higher level of standard, etiquette and self-satisfaction. For example, in April 2001, I recieved the Employee of the Month award on Crystal Symhony. For many, this is perhaps just a diploma, but for me it was a testament to the fact that someone in the organization appreciated and recognized my personal efforts. It was also quite special because this was the first time ever in Crystal’s history, that an officer had been given this award. This award was at the time, intended to be used to appreicate the crew on board, as they are normally the ones that makes the biggest efforts, sacrifices  and works probably the hardest. Officers, though respected and appreciated, wouldn’t be considered for this award. Therefore, it was really an honor for me, and even though trivial to some, it was a memorable moment. 

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