While waiting…†

There was a lot of waiting and “hanging around” this afternoon during the photo-shoot, and what better way to try catching some additional shots not related to the job? Grilstad Marina is such a fascinating place to do photography and photoshoots of many sorts. The light is amazing, the colors are beautiful and the location is just picture perfect!

With the light quickly fading, and all the required shots on memory cards, it was time to go home and start doing the post-processing. I couldn’t however leave this new sculpture alone. It’s made to look like a nautical sailing marker (though without light) and was placed at one of the new round-abouts at Grilstad recently.†

The so-called bonus shot today would be of the Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737 flying high above, at some 11.000 meters, on the way from Longyearbyen to Oslo this afternoon. I have never been able to get these shots crystal clear, but I suspect that perfect shots of overflying aircrafts are normally not at cruising altitude.†

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