When Thai Airways retired their last A300

Some years ago already, Thai Airways retired their fleet of A300. Few airlines are still using this aircraft and selling them off to a new owner is not an easy task. Behind the links below, you can read the story of Ryosuke Yano which has written two blog entries about the retirement. 

Part 1: CoachFlyer: THAI retires the Airbus A300

Part 2: CoachFlyer: THAI retires the Airbus A300

According to my private notes, Thai Airways had a total of 35 A300 in their past history, all of which are now retired from the airline. Thai Airways has also retired all 4 aircrafts A310, 5 aircrafts A320, and 10 aircrafts A340. 

Of the 35 aircrafts Thai had in the A300-family, 21 was A300-600 and 14 was A300-B4. In addition, Thai also had 2 A310-200 and 2 A310-300. Airbus 330 counted 5 in total and A340 counted 10 aircrafts in total.   

When it comes to the A330, there has been 27 in total, 17 of which is still in active use. 

WAOW. That was a very geeky and technical bLOG entry! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 13.27.33

Farewell messages on the aircraft. (Photo: THAI)

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