When I was very young…

I know you all will agree with me when I say that nothing is like doing some long overdue cleaning, and then suddenly finding very memorable moments like this. This old image is taking me back to a much simpler, and much happier time in life, when my job was just like living the perfect dream. As you can see, the image shows all the Norwegian officers and crew serving under the command of Captain Harsheim, on board the Royal Viking Sun during the 1992 World Cruise, Captain’s Pacific Journey.†

Royal Viking Sun was back then, and still is very much today, one of the most beautiful cruiseships ever designed and put to sea. She is still with us, even though her hull is no longer brilliantly white, as the Prinsendam of Holland America Lines. Built in 1988 she is now nearing her 30 years in service. May she continue to sail for many years more.†

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