When I was in Antarctica

More than a decade ago, I went to Antarctica. And that was wrong of me. Very wrong. The icepilot which we had on board our luxurious cruiseship, told me that you should never go to Antarctica when you are “young", because wherever you visit afterwards, absolutely nothing will surpass the experience and beauty of Antarctica. He was so right, so very, very correct.†

If there is one place in the world, just one place, I would very much like to visit again, it would be the frozen continent of Antarctica. And remember, that is from a man which despices winter and snow!†

Sailing in Antarctica on a luxurious cruiseship like the Crystal Symphony was perhaps one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life. In the evening, after having stopped the ship and while we were drifiting in sheltered waters (because we were not allowed to make way, except from emergencies, during the absence of daylight), we dined with our guests, wearing our best tuxedos, uniforms or evening dresses, while eating exquisite food, serving expencive champagne and smoking cigars. Outside our windows, a century ago,†Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton†and his men were fighting starvation and intense cold. That was just such a surreal experience.†

Another ship with us that time was a ship I also knew very well, a former Norwegian coastal steamer by the name of Harald Jarl, that time sailing as “ANDREA" of now out-of-business Elegant Cruises. She is still also sailing today, though heavily refurbished and modernized to yacht standards, and I would later get the honor and pleasure of sailing her on her maiden voyage as “Serenissima”.†

The below three images were all taken in Admirality Bay on King George Island in Antarctica.†

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