What is wrong with me?

I’m asking this question because I have no idea what I’m doing wrong in my personal car-department. What is wrong with my car, I KNOW already, so what is wrong with me, I don’t know.

Today, I went to town for a cup of coffee and upon arriving at my destination, the warning light for the battery came on.... hmmm…. †that is strange, because it had just been serviced as late as a few weeks ago. Last month, I was first told that my water-pump had started leaking, but when I picked up the car from Toyota service a few days later, an equally expencive repair had been done INSTEAD: a giant gravel stone had imbedded itself into the radiator, and smashing it’s way through the air condition condencer at the same time.†

So, the battery light came on and I stopped by the nearest garage because maybe they could find out if I needed to replace one or two of the batteries? That would be the preferred problem, and the cheapest way out.

After a few minutes of checking, they quickly came to the conclusion that the dynamo (that dirty thingy in the engineroom that charges the batteries) had broken down and no longer charged the batteries. After finishing of a whole selection of very foul potty-mouth language, I started making calls to several garages to get a repair estimate, as well as making an appointment to have it fixed.†

I eventually chose to take the car to the same repair shop I have always gone to in the past, because first of all, they have fair and very competitive prices, second of all, they are honest and very friendly. A new dynamo was ordered, and that thingy is not a cheap thingy at all: 5.700,- NOK for a new one, though not original. Work will naturally be added to the total.†

So here I am again: without a car for at least the whole length of the weekend. I therefore must declare to everyone expecting something, that Christmas gifts from me, have all been canceled without any exception. If you still insist on a gift, I’ll make you a small decorative item from empty toilet-paper rolls. †

Merry f-ing Christmas-time to you!†

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