Website and bLOG problems - ARGH!

So, I’m back from nearly a month in South East Asia again - returned to do one night at work, before running straight out in a one week sickleave due to high fever and flue-like symptoms. With energy levels on an all-time low those days, I didn't do too much those first days back, except from sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and ensuring I drank a lot of warm water.†

Now, to my great surprise, nearly a month has already elapsed since coming back, and before next month ends, I’ll be on my wings again. More about that later.†

At this time, I have too many “finished” pieces for both my Captain's bLOG and for my Captain's travel bLOG… all I need to do, is to find an easy way to get them uploaded.†

My website still suffers from what I can only call a mal-functioning Cyberduck FTP-client, and a not so easy to use FilleZilla replacement FTP-program. I can’t seem to be able to upload and update my website and bLOG through Cyberduck anymore, due to time-out of FTP-transfer sessions. This appears to me to happen with the absolutely largest folder, the Media-folder (the one which holds the nearly 7.000 photos).†

Naturally, my webhosting-provider Luminate/Yahoo and Cyberduck keeps blaming eachother for these problems, and there I am caught in the middle - with nowhere to go, just hoping a future update takes care of the problem.†

I really do not like FileZilla - I have tried figuring out how it works, and how to best update the website, but it just wants to re-upload all the images — nearly 3Gb of them, over the next 32+ to 66+ hours. I really need to study youtube to find a GOOD explenatory video - I’m convinced I’m doing something really wrong. After all, FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP-clients out there.†

Sometimes, when computer problems like these appear, I just feel giving up would be the easiest and perhaps the best solution.†

Let’s see how this update works out - !†

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