We are so much closer

Christmas is almost here upon us: just got to work my behind off for a few weeks before I can take some time off. Can’t believe I made it another year on this heavenly earth. Absolutely increadible! Yeay!†

Having spent much of the late summer and most of the autumn so far on putting things into place, I’m thrilled to be in the position I’m now in. 2014 has been a realtively good year so far, especially the last half. If 2015 is continuing to follow suit, it sure will be a great year too. More dramatic changes to my life and my regular routines are bound to happen. I’m such a restless soul, have mercy on me.†

Having moved into my own apartment was the best thing in 2014. It’s amazing. The difference is Crystal clear. It’s hard to find words describing how much I enjoy the new apartment. I’m currently working on cleaning out stuff I no longer use, or have an interest in. I do not have much storage-opportunities, and I want to keep (distracting) stored items to an absolute minimum. I strongly believe that clearing out these items will help me focus more on those things that I’m now interested in, and enrich†(?) myself in these new areas. More importantly, I also need some monetary funds for new interests, so a lot of my possessions have been sold and what is not sold, will be sold soon. Not only that, but it’s been an expensive year where I also had to buy a lot of new furnitures (nearly everything). (blah, blah, bla….)

One of the great missions of 2014 was to control my weight, and I’ve made massive strides and come really far. A year ago, I measured in at 82-83 kilos, and now, with the help of excercise, a LOT of diet and with the help of sickness, I’m at a much more comfortable 65 kilos. I have also cut my body-fat percentage with nearly 9% and as far as I can see, that is a LOT! The big mission now will be not to continue shedding weight, but to continue the strickt diet control and working those abs! (LOL)†

Another thing that I have been able to greatly improve in the past year, is my overall confidence level. I have become a lot more goal-oriented and I know better what I’m capable of, what I should get, what I need to do, and at the same time, what I want. In my life up to now, I have too many times been surrounded by people who kept telling me that I either can’t or shouldn’t do - too many people have alwyas spent a lot of energy on criticising my decisions, my doing's and second guessing my thought process. People are so fast to criticise now, I feel, especially when online. As people, we seem to spend more time finding faults in others than enjoying the company. Anyhow, now, I can eventually tell them to go to a place much warmer than right here (if you get my drift). I have cleaned out my social channels such as on FB, and I’m actually on the verge of completely opting out of all the negativity surrounding such channels. Not only that - it steals time which could have been used doing other more fun things.

Internet have always been a great passion of mine, as well as writing, and sharing what I find interesting (such as here in my so-called “blog”). But, as my guiding master is trying to tell me, if you are not reaching out to your potential audience the way you want, then, is it worth the time spent trying to find an audience and to write? Naturally, there is both an ethical question and question of time spent here. As long as I love doing it, it should be OK. But, what is the reason I love writing? During my thought process, I have come to the conclusion that the feeling I have when creating a blog entry, is the hope that someone finds it interesting. But, if that crowd isn’t there, then, why do you spend time writing? It’s all about spending time wisely, and where you can achieve something for yourself and for others. Time is truly valuable for all of us.†

I’m at peace right now. I have found serenity, and I’m ready for the next big step. I have so many fantastic plans onwards, so (/ too) many dreams, and yet, so little time. Stick around for the next chapter if you please.†

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