Valentinlyst - this might be a future resolution

At Valentinlyst in Trondheim, there is a building which I think might be one of the solutions to future city development of Trondheim. It’s actually quite genius. 

Residential towers (condominiums) set on top of shopping malls. Why is this genius: space is prime, and residents won’t need to commute anywhere to do their grocery shopping, or other shopping (depending on the stores in the mall). And with the high number of large shopping malls in Trondheim, it’s a brilliant solution. For many, going in to the town is no longer an option with lack of parking spaces, price of parking and tollgates blocking access from all entry-roads (and exit-roads). If someone is going out (grocery-) shopping, I believe they aren’t going to opt dragging their shopping bags onto overfilled city buses with too few seats. 

By the way, we need to put back the city tram-lines again! 

Valentinlyst: residents at Andre Estenstadsvei 22 have a shopping mall at the ground floor with all they would need. 

Along Haakon VII gate (street), there could be residential structures on top of the shopping malls Lade Arena and City Lade as well. 

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