Værnes Airport

So my dear readers, I’m back again in Norway after having made yet another long treck to my dear Thailand, and you can rest assured that my interest in everything aviation is burning with a brighter flame than ever before in my life. Below is a screen drop from an article-heading recently featured in a local paper in Norway… and yes, I do have a couple thoughts about that as well. 

Firstly, and I know it has been widely discussed a few times in the past, but Trondheim Airport Værnes should really consider changing their name to Hell International Airport. It would be making a marketing statement, and put Trondheim on the chart in social media, the travel industry and therefore also benefit the region greatly. I think it would be quite genious to rename the airport: imagine the arrival announcement on your inbound flight shortly after touch down: “Welcome to Hell International Airport. The outside temperature is -3 degrees, and we wish you a great stay in Hell”. 

Secondly, and this is something which has been a dream of mine for quite some time already. I would love to have snatched Thai Airways' daily flights from Oslo and have them leave Trondheim directly for Bangkok instead. Geographically, it makes sense for domestic passengers in Norway, secondly it also makes sense as there is connections to Stockholm, Copenhagen and other destiantions in the area. Imagine what a daily flight to Bangkok would mean for the region, and for Norwegians ability to travel directly from Trondheim. I truly think it would be a great trade to move away from Oslo…. especially when Norwegian Air Shuttle is supposedly planning several direct flights to destinations around the world from Trondheim as his Dreamliner fleet grows. I firmly believe it is all about being the first to make the change - dreamers don’t wait for others to try first. 

The third thing on my mind when it comes to Trondheim Airport Værnes and other Norwegian aiports: they truly s-u-c-k! To strengthen my claim and opinion, Norwegian airports was recently ranked far down on the list of worlds best airports. We need to move away from the very 90’s wood and stone interiors, and start thinking technology, integration and solutions. We need to see the world with different - and much stronger - glasses and take advantage of genius designs and inventions. How about viewing decks for the airport, container box hotels for rest, modern facilities, and clean bathrooms - perhaps even possibilities to take sauna and a bath on long stop-owers. How about greenhouse gardens for relaxation while waiting for your flight, complete with birds, benches and flowing water? How about showcasing the very best features of Norway in our Oslo main airport…. dockhouses, fjords, midnight sun, Aurora Borealis, our coastline and our mountains… Let Snøhetta Architects design our airports' new exteriors and interiors - they seem to have a firm grasp on what is “hot” anywhere in the world at any given time. 

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