Upper Leirfoss Dam - Trondheim

Øvre Leirfoss Dam is a place I have been to many times during my younger years, though I do not remember too much of it. I do however remember times when my late brother and me were playing around the dam-area occationally (without my parents knowing, and without their permission off course). Nowadays, the dam is a great stop on a bicycling-excercise-loop that I often do when I go cycling. 

This image was captured yesterday - April 3rd 2017 - from about 60 meters up in the air from a DJI MAVIC PRO drone. You really don’t need to go too high to get the birds-eye views that I dream off. I still have an insecurity problem when the drone goes much higher than 50-60 meters, and it becomes a small dot in the sky. Flying over any kind of water terrifies me too - way more than necesarry.  

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