Unstad is presented in Bangkok Post†

A few days ago, on December 18th 2016, my favoutire newspaper Bangkok Post ran a three page long story about Unstad, Lofoten. Actually, the story was not only about this tiny village in Lofoten, but also about all the young foreigners that have started inhabiting this remote little place to perform what they like the most: surfing. Yes, you did read correctly: surfing! According to the article in a newpspaper on the other side of the world, this tiny village has become a “hot-spot” for trendy water sports.†

The article is called “Surfing under the Northern Lights” and is undoubtedly a great advertisement in itself. It actually seems as the article was first shared by the New York Times:†http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/23/sports/surfing-unstad-norway-lofoten-masters.html?_r=0

2016 12 18-Bangkok Post

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