Two really old veteran buses in Trondheim

I have been seeing these two veteran buses around the town for quite some time. The first one, I know was listed for sale a few months back, and within a couple of days, I had spotted the bus at two different locations. Whether it was eventually sold or not, I do not know. I have strong childhood memories from this kind of bus, Klæburuten buscompany, sitting on the engine-box besides the driver humming along (those were the days when everything was not dangerous yet). I’m so happy to have grown up in a time and world where we were not over-protected from ourselves. 

The second bus, though not as a camper like here, I have also some childhood memories from. It was our district-Norway school bus at Marøya, and we used to call the bus “gammel-mærra” (literally “old-cow”). It was one of those buses where the driver had a manual door opener, nothing electric or fancy-schmancy buttons. 

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