Two feel-good songs from youtube

I truly believe that everybody have a handful special songs that you go listen to when you are feeling blue. Youtube have an enormous wealth of songs in every possible style, songs that we have memories attached to, and that we could listen to again and again to relight those exact memories.

Here are two songs that surely puts me in a good mood. The first one is Islands in the stream in this particular version, a duet between gorgeous Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Why I like this one so much, you ask? Because Dolly Parton truly looks like she is enjoying herself and hardly can’t contain her passion, happiness and dedication. No less is seen with Kenny Rogers here - it is as if they are made for eachother’s stage performance. And yes, Dolly Parton is gorgeous. She is so….ehmmm… not sure how to quite describe it, but she appears to be so genuinely warm and friendly almost like family. And that being said, have you seen an interview with her? Any interview? She has an accent to die for.†

The second song is by Lynn Anderson which tragically passed away a few weeks back. She has a couple of videos on youtube, and if you search you can also find her live performance at Halden in Norway a few years ago. She is truly a legend in country and western and this song reminds me of my late mother, which I now hope rests peacefully in the eternal rose-garden.†

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