Trolltunga Norway

I know a lot of people who wants to come to Norway and see our nature, but that have no chance to find funds for such a trip. Despair not, a much cheaper solution is now made available to everyone with a Internet connection and a computer, phone or tablet.†

Two days ago, Google Maps opened for eveyone to walk with them up to the famous rock called Trolltunga in Norway from the comfort of their own sofa, without having to spend a dollar or to brake a sweat. How perfect is that?†

LINK: Visit Trolltunga with Google Maps.†

Additionally, you may also use Google Maps to view other Norwegian highlights as well, such as the Telemark Waterway, Lilletopp, Oddavarden, Reinanuten, Eidesnuten, and many other beautiful places.†

LINK: Norwegian highlights with Google Maps.

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