Tonight, a cute film from the Philippines

Tonight, I’d like to share this cute short-film from the Philippines. Makes me miss the Philippines, haven’t been to that country for what feels like a lifetime. Someday, I hope to be going back there again - there are quite few people that I haven’t seen for many years, and that I would love to meet up with again.†

I wonder if I’m still able to remember the whole language - I used to be quite fluent but I’m fearing I have forgotten a lot by now. I learnt the language slowly from watching Tagalong movies in the early 90’s, from conversing each day with my increadible ship-mates all those years working on cruise ships, and from reading Tagalog comic-books. I think I really need a tutor to help me master Tagalog fully again.†

Anyhow, here is Siopao - a short and cute film from the Philippines!†

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