Today’s run in the forest

I’m sticking to a rigid exercise and diet program, and the results are amazing. About two years ago, I had grown out of some of my favorite pants, and landed on the scale at nearly 84-85 kg. Today, the pants fit again, and my uniforms have to be modified to fit… and best of all, the scale barely tips 66 kg! And if that’s not impressive enough, I’m so proud of the return of my six-pack (and I’m not talking about the one in the fridge!). There is only one way to go, and that is forward! 

Today’s hike and run was done to an area I have not visited for a very long time. I parked the car at Trolla, and walked all the way passed Ormhaugen (the snake’s hill) abandoned farm, and to Saint Olavsspranget (Saint Olav’s cliff). The distance is not too impressive, but the roundtrip speed was satisfying. Total distance back and forth was a good 6.6 kilometres in 48 minutes. 

Since this was a fitness-run, the only technology apart from my step counter, was my mobilephone. But, at a later time and in the near future, I’ll return with a DSLR too. I’m thinking of a fashion photo-shoot at that abandoned farm some day soon! 

IMG 4212-small

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