To me, this is a historical image

For those of you that knows a little bit about my life’s long story will understand the significance of this image, and why it is so special for me. †

In any case, let me explain the background. The cruise-ship in the background is currently sailing as the Prinsendam of Holland America Lines, but an increadible 26 years ago, she was the Royal Viking Sun of the now defunct Royal Viking Line. This was the ship I signed on in Stockholm some 26 years ago, and the ship which I started working on board as a Galley Utility (after a brief †2 months on the SS Norway as a deck boy). As time passed by, the Royal Viking Sun’s boatswain took pity on me, and had me enter the deck department as the only Norwegian amongst a complete deck crew of Filipinos (and yes, that is where I had to, and go to learn Tagalog). I worked my way through positions of deck boy, an AB, a QM, then was promoted to become an officer trainee. Eventually, I got promoted to be a First Officer and went on to the SS Norway, but that is another story.†

The other ship, is the ship I’m currently sailing on as a Captain.†

So, in this image, you see one of my first ships and my currently last ship. A truly special moment for me personally.†

Need some evidence of my time on the Royal Viking Sun?†

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