Time is money

It is with a somewhat heavy heart I have recently decided to end one of my projects, the Norwegian language website trondheimsfjorden.net, after nearly 3 years online. Time is money, and as I’m now working hard on another new and exciting business venture which will take much of my time in addition to my full time job, I really need to limit things which I do not see any point of continouing.

The number of readers at trondheimsfjorden.net has never been particularly high, and it has been very hard to maintain as a one-man show, both financially and in terms of finding new things to write about. Newstips have been really far between, reader numbers have been continously low, and lately, there have been an increasing number of similar “blog” and “news pages” coming online, sharing basically the same stories I shared first.†

Naturally, I could have invested a lot more effort in the page, but I have also come to learn that running such a page and going out creating the stories needed, certainly has to be backed by corporate sponsorship through advertising. Advertising which I have not been able to find locally here in Trondheim.†

Even though this blog, and website (CaptainsVoyage.com) might also be on the chopping-block in the future, depending on traffic numbers, I’m not 100% there yet. I still believe this page may have some potential, as well as the fact that I still do love writing stories, and sharing some of my photos.

CaptainsVoyage Forum is however like a tiny, friendly family, and will however remain, though the dream would be to get new members to join and become more than usual “ghosts” in the background. But to do that, I need some help from all of you. Share your favorite threads through social media regularly, and be our advertising agents.

9,5 months ago I promised you all that 2015 was going to be an amazing year for me, and so far, it has really been fantastic. Some of the dreams and plans that I had, have not carried fruits, but so is life.

If it doesn’t work, I see it this way: you have two options: try even harder or move on.

The best thing for me about 2015 so far is that I have stayed healthier than I thought was possible: a lot thanks to the fact I quit eating so much sweets, drinking soda, and off course, through hours of hard work at the gym. I have lost some 17 kilos since starting at the gym, and even though it is really hard to start up with gym again after this summer, I still do my outmost to stay healthy. A few years ago, I had a body fat percentage of an average 23-24%, while now, I’m so terribly proud to say that it is reduced to around 15%. But it takes time to please my doctor, and time is so valuable. If you wish to see what exciting plans is ahead, you may need to come back here to the blog and follow me move ahead.†

Like life itself, and like the many format-changes to CaptainsVoyage over the 10 years, things are always bound the change as goals become different, perhaps clearer, as dreams evolve, and as priorities change. I’m open to changes for the most part, and to improve my journey along the way. This is my voyage, and nobody have the power to decide course changes apart from myself.†

Anyhow, let me end this messy post for now by sending a heartfelt big THANK YOU to all those that continues to support me on my voyage ahead in life, and that gives me the power to move ahead at high speed.†

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