Throwback Thursday - week 28/2018, but on a MONDAY!

I really have to bow my head in admiration to all those individuals that have extremely successful blogs, vlogs and what not. To maintain a schedule is really hard, to upload new material at set given times, is very time-consuming. One of my problems is that I seem to forget my own throwback Thursday’s quite often - despite having added an alarm on my phone to warn me!

Anyhow, here is my throwback Thursday from last week, on a Monday the following week.†

This below image was taken on July 12th 2016, just two years ago (because that would be the same date as Thursday last week). I think this would be a suitable flashback as I’m back on the ferry-run again starting tonight with a nightwatch week.†

Working night wtach for seven days straight is really hard for the most of us, and will eventually get to me after a couple of days. Lack of continous sleep and headaches ensues such a schedule. Though, to look at the bright side, this is the absolutely best time of the year to work during nights, because the sun is up for the most part of the night. During winter on the other hand, you leave home after dark and you won’t get home the next day before the sun rises - that is a whole lot tougher.†

Starting tonight, this will be my fifth last time to start a 14-day shift on K. Next tender period is fast approaching, with new battery powered ferries and probably a lot of new things to learn. I’m personally looking forward to the challenges ahead, and I will do my very best at tackling them withmy usual great passion as they arrive.†

What do you think about working night-shifts… is that something you like doing?†

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