There was a Black Watch in port

Nearly two months ago, we also had a true old-timer in port, the former Royal Viking Star: now sailing as Black Watch of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. This ship, and her two sisters, are the ships I remember from my childhood, each year coming to Norway sailing to North Cape. They used to be so big back then, even though they are still the same size. They are now considered as smaller ships, when compared to the monsterships of today.

Other than their size, these three ships are probably the most well designed cruise ship ever. They look like true ships, and even today they exude luxury and style. These are shipdesigns at the very finest.†

I can never get enough of these ships. I have myself worked on two of them for shorter periods, once under the house flag of Royal Viking Line (Royal Viking Sky) and the other, under the house flag of Norwegian Cruise Line (Norwegian Star). Those were good days. Really good days.†

The rest of the images will arrive immediately following this post, in the cruiseship-thread at CVF.†

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