The storm yesterday

Yesterday morning, after a long and stormfilled nightwatch at my ship, I felt I had to go home and pick up my camera in order to get some foul-weather images. I have always been fascinated by foul weather, especially at sea and near the sea. I made plans to visit this vantage point a long time ago already, but never had the proper incentive to find my way to the place.†

Wearing rainclothes and not enough warm clothes, I made the effort. I returned home a few hours later in the afternoon, with some 255 images, and was quite pleased with the results even though I endured becoming soaking wet (the rain clothes were leaking everywhere), and very cold. To be honest, at one point while I was laying down in the moss between the trees, I actually fell asleep for a moment while listening to the wind and getting soaked by heavy rain.†

At the moment, I have not yet decided if I should take time to later share these and some more images, in larger format, on CaptainsVoyage Forum in the future. I guess “time might show” if you decide to visit. †

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