The sloop Pauline

The clinkcer-built sloop “Letnesjekta" was built at Letnes on the island of “Inderøy” (an island in the Tronsheimsfjord) all the way back in 1860. Some decades later, in 1897 the sloop was rebuilt at Steinkjer, and became the carvel-sloop “Pauline”. In the years from 1897 to 1915, the sloop sailed the coast between the ports at Trondheim, Arkhangelsk and Bergen, with wood, trading goods and fish.  

Some time in 1915, the sloop was sold and renamed “Nævra”. The vessels continued transporting wood, cod-fish and limestone-powder around ports and places in the Trondheimsfjord. After the end of WW2, in 1950, the vessel was once again sold to interests in Trondheim, and in 1952, the vessel was heavily rebuilt at the island Hitra. Afterwards, the vessel was put in service transporting wood chips between primarily Namsos, Inherred and Ranheim paper factory outside Trondheim. 

The vessel was once again sold in 1972, and continued in various coastal trades until 1978 when the vessel was laid up at Harstad in northern Norway. She was laid up for about a year, until Steikjer Museum bought her in 1979, and   further year ahead, in 1980, the restauration process started. The restauration was completed back in 1986, and the vessel is today owned by “Stiftelsen Egge Museum”. 

Other historical markers are also mentioned in her long history, such as a change of rigging after a casualty in 1914. At the same time, she was fitted with a small petroleum engine. Additionally, during a rebuilding back in 1952, her bow was rebuilt, and got modern (at the time) cargo handling equipments. She also got a new motor and a “wheel house” in the 1952 conversion. 

The below images were taken on the Trondheimsfjord back on 16th of May 2016. 

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