The Golden City and a piece of the Berlin Wall

If you ever ask me and tell me to be completely honest, I will most likely tell you that I truly detest (as in hate) winter, snow and the cold. You would think it should be easier as the years roll by, but I find it harder and harder each time to survive this bitter cold and dark Scandinavian country at winter. At the same time, it can be beautiful as well. I took these shots back almost a year ago, and I don’t think I have shared them here as of yet (if already shared, my most sincere apologies for being at the border of dementia).†

They were taken on one of the few viewpoints with unobstructed views of the city, called “Kuhaugan” (literally the cow’s hill). It was cold and dark, but the lights and the fresh snow made the city shine. The bonus shot was taken shortly afterwards near Solsiden (the sunny-side) shopping mall, and shows a small part of the Berlin Wall.†

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